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thyssenKrupp escalator STEP

  • thyssenKrupp escalator STEP
  • thyssenKrupp escalator STEP
  • thyssenKrupp escalator STEP
  • thyssenKrupp escalator STEP
  • thyssenKrupp escalator STEP
Model No.︰Thyssenkrupp Es
Brand Name︰thyssenkrupp
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 90 / pc
Minimum Order︰10 pc
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Product Description
 Thyssenkrupp Escalator Step,Kone  Escalator Step, Hitachi  Escalator Step, Mitsubishi  Escalator Step, Hyundai  Escalator Step, Otis  Escalator Step, Fujitec  Escalator Step, Sigma  Escalator Step, LG  Escalator Step, Schindler  Escalator Step




Escalator handrail pressure pulley   55 * 60 Lu core


Escalator handrail belt tensioner wheel care  70 × 50 white (6204)


Escalator handrail friction wheel supporting roller group    10 wheel


Escalator cascade wheel    20 * 75 (6203)


Escalator cascade wheel    25 * 70


Escalator handrail drive gear (Theo) 29 teeth


The drive chain tension device 


The drive chain tension device rubber head  


Escalator handrail drive chain tension device 


Escalator handrail drive chain tensioner device rubber head


Escalator brake    OMS, D-36219


The escalator brake starter board (OMS) REV2.01


The escalator brake starter board (CGM-3T)   REV2.01


Escalator host velocimetry (TAA633D2), imports  2WTAA633D2 (OTIS/OF36905)


The escalator host gun (proximity switch)     


Escalator cascade sleeve   


Escalator cascade axis song sales   


Escalator switch box   


Escalator switch lock   


Escalator cascade tube      


Escalator handrail guide     XAA402Q2 (new)


Moving walkways cascade connection    


Cascade foot mouth   


Butter oil pipe      


Mitsubishi escalator cascade silencers head  


Mitsubishi escalator cascade axis of sleeve   


Mitsubishi escalator accessories      


Mitsubishi escalator cascade pay round  


The main round of the Mitsubishi escalator cascade    


Mitsubishi / GP-III       The KCA-76 (2) A board


Mitsubishi HP Escalators (signal switch board)      P203723B001


Mitsubishi HP ladder (signal logic board) P203730B000G01


Mitsubishi HP Escalators (power board)  P203741B000G01


Mitsubishi HP Escalators (motherboard) P203718B000C03


Mitsubishi passenger elevators outside Zhao board    LOA-410A (C02)


Mitsubishi HP ladder door board 






Elevator parts quotations-3


Part Number








XAA622R18CH      Inverter-SIEI 7.5KW (gear)


XAA622R19CH      Inverter-SIEI 11KW (gear)


XAA622R20CH      Inverter-SIEI 15KW (gear)


XAA622R21CH      Inverter-SIEI 18.5 (gear)


XAA622R22CH      Inverter-SIEI 22KW (gear)


XAA622R23   SIEI30KW inverter (with gear)


XAA622R18CH      AVO inverter-SIEI 7.5KW (gear)


XAA622R19CH      AVO inverter-SIEI 11KW (gear)


XAA622R20CH      AVO inverter-SIEI 15KW (gear)


XAA622R21CH      AVO inverter-SIEI 18.5 (gear)


XAA622R22CH      AVO inverter-SIEI 22KW (gear)


XAA622R23   The the AVO inverter-SIEI30KW inverter (with gear)


XAA622Q1     AGY11KW inverter (escalator)


XAA622Q2     The 15KW the inverter AGY3150 (escalator)


GCA21150C10      The inverter OVF20-9KW


GCA21150D10      The inverter OVF20-15KW


ADA21290AK2      The inverter OVF30-70A


ACA21290BJ2       The inverter OVF30-90A


ACA21290BA2      The inverter OVF30-120A


ACA21290BM1      The inverter OVF30-210A


GAA21382G1 GEN2 inverter


GAA21382H1 GEN2 inverter


GAA21340P10      GEN2 inverter 1600KG


ABA26800GW4     Board GW4


ABA26800XU1      Board XU1


ABA26800XU2      Board XU2


ABA26800XU5      Board XU5


ADA26800VF1      Board VF1


ACA26800VA1      Board VA1


ACA26800BA20    Board BA2


GAA26800BG1      Board BG1


JAA26805AAA201 Board DISS


B9693MG1    The board ADISS (country)


GCA26800J100     Board J100


GCA26800J500     Board J500


GFA21240D10      Board the LCB-II


ADA26800RB1      Board RB1


ADA26800MB1     Board MB1


JGA26801AAF002 Board the MCB (the MCSS)


GCA26800H10      Board MCB-II


A9693D  Board the RCB-I


GHA21270A1 Board the RCB-II


JAA26807BAR001 Board LDB board


AFA26800UD1      Board UD1


AFA26800UD2      Board UD2


AFA26800UD3      Board UD3


GCA26800KF10    Board KF10 (MCB-III)


GCA26800KF20    Board MCB3


GCA26800KA10    Board TCBC


GAA26800KB1      Board KB1 is (GEN2-1SPBC)


GAA26800AR2      508NCE escalator control panel (old)


GAA26810C2 (GBA26810A1)     WWPB-2 board (GEN2 converter) WWPDB


JAC26801AAJ004  Board RCP


ABA26800ABL001       Board ABL001


GAA24270AB2      The LWB board (weighing device)


FAA25000E1 The LTB plate (GEN2)


GBA21230F10      The LB2 board (housing ladder)


GCA26800BB1      SPBB1 board (GEN2)


GCA26800BB2 "(GBA)  The BB2 board (GEN2)


ABA26800SY1      Board LEM


B9693AE1     Board RSEB


GAA26800AL2      Board SOM


GGA21270A1 Board the RCB-II


XAA610AH1   Domestic board SOM


GFA23550D1 Board RS-5J (import)


GEA25005B1 Board RS14 (country)


GDA25005C20      Board RS18


XAA610AM1   Board ACBII (domestic LCBII)


XAA610AC1   Board SPB


XAA610P1     Domestic RSEB board


XAA610K3     Board LPB2


XAA23550A1 The RS-5 (domestically board)


XAA610AK1   RS-5 (triple)


XAA610Q1     AMCBI board (interface board)


XAA610W1    AMCBII board (interface board)


XAA610W1    AMCBX board (interface board)


XAA610S1     HCB board (the OH1000 use)


XAA24350J1  Gantry crane board XRDS


XAA642A1     Terminal absorption plate 9693


D9673T-3      TO-30-LB


GOA9673GP1 TO-30-IB


A9673W TO-30-EB-3


A9673AF       TO-30-MLB


N62P10005   TO-40-NPWL-LA03


GOB 9687 D1       TO-40-CIB


JO 6840FR 3  TO-40-SGB


JO 6840RH 8 TO-40-MP3 LB


JOA 6840RH  TO-40-MP3 LB


JOA 6840FT 1       TO-40-CUBI


JOA 6840FP 1       TO-40-TTB




JOE 6840FV 2       TO-40-CUB2


JOC 6840FV   TO-40-CUB2


JOC 6840RH 8      TO-40-IIB


JOC 6840FS 1       TO-40-IIB


DO 6840F 1   TO-40-MIB


JOA 6840GC 1      TO-40-MIB


JOA 6840GD 1      TO-40-BAKB


N62P20105 (with 5 capacitors) TO-40-JO 610GJ


N62P20104 (with four transformers)      TO-40-JO 6840GK


GAA30084BAB031       TCBCZ31 chip


GAA30083AAD1    LCBII chip


GAA22439E12      The GEN2 position reference system


XAA20351C001    Hydraulic elevator speed control board ELAR


XAA610E1     OMS (ES-SW brake coil circuit board)


XAA616BR1   Xiwei inverter motherboard


XAA616AL2   Inverter sub-frequency card-SIEI (APC100-1)


XAA616AL4   The inverter expansion card-SIEI (EXP-D16, card)


XAA616AL8   Drive expansion card-SIEI (EXP-E-TL cards)


XAA616BN1   The inverter expansion card (EXP-DBSS card)


XAA610AB2   Card the DO-08


XAA610AB1   Card, the DI-08


XAA616AJ1    Card, the PG-B2


XAA616Z1     The escalator microcomputer board (CPM2B)


XAA610AT1   And then flat layer of security circuit board (5000.5100)


ABA633Z21   The GEN2 coding


ABA633Z1     The GEN2 coding


ABA633L1     A311 encoder


XAA633AA1   Gear encoder


DAA633D1     Encoding device DAA633D1


DAA633A1     Encoding device DAA633A1


FAA633B1     Encoding device DO2000


XAA633AC1   Encoder (Fuji Electric)


GAA20401T621    EC2-host encoder


XAA20500A1 Encoder (Italy Tacho)


XAA648D1     Alloy tachometer connector


ABA215BX2   Plastic tachometer connector


XAA417K1     Bulb 24V1W


XAA177AZ2   Photoelectric E4


XAA177AZ1   Photoelectric B4


XAA177AZ5   Escalator photoelectric


XAA608E1     Photoelectric sensors


XAA608E2     Photoelectric CRD-300N (the escalator)


Payment Terms︰http://www.lift-spare-parts.com/Escalator-Step/THYSSEN-STEP-HP08330-1.html
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